Sunday, April 20, 2014

Le 19th Birthday

Hi world, I can't believe that I'm here to blog again. Well actually the purpose of me blogging now is for me to remember how amazing my birthday was. This was, hands down, thee best birthday I have ever had.

Since my dad has this weekly badminton going on every Wednesday, and he wont be having dinner with us on my birthday, which falls on Wednesday too, so we decided to have a pre-celebration at Coliseum on Sunday night. At first, when we were standing at the entrance, we already knew that we had to wait for a very long time for a table because it was jam packed in the restaurant and two families are waiting before us. We were told to wait for at least 20 minutes. Later on, the two families didn't want to wait, so we get to go in without waiting for 20 minutes. Then the waitress take us to our table and I think there was a miscommunication between my mum and the waitress because she thought we asked for a table for four but not five. So she took us to another table, and we all followed her. Then we were a bit shocked lah of course because she took us to a VIP room, and then she explained to my dad that she was the tenant of my dad's second house so she gave this 'credit' to him, and my dad didn't even know that she was his tenant. So yeah, we were lucky to have dined in a VIP room.

Then on Wednesday, I woke up having a gastric and that sucks. I woke up 15 minutes earlier than usual and I knew that it was time for me to get ready for college. So i dragged my feet to the toilet with my phone in my hand of course, and I begin to scroll my Whatsapp and text messages. Messages from my friends filled my heart with lots of love. Apparently some of them called me at 12 in the midnight, but I was too tired the night before because I woke up early in the morning for college, so I fell asleep at 11 something. To be honest, I've already felt a bit sad because I can't be with the CPYs on my birthday, but they're like putting salt on my wound, most of them were like apologizing that they can't be with me on my birthday (which I actually think birthday is not really a big deal for me, but the thing is they kept reminding me about it, and deep down in my heart, I was feeling a little bit sad). So yeah, life must go on. So I went to college as normal.

At lunch time, my friends and I decided to go to Burger Factory to celebrate my birthday (tbh, the food there sucks. never wanna go there ever again). My college friends surprised me with a photo album. The photo album was very special because it contains not only photos of us since sem 1, but also messages from friends I know and I don't know (friends whom I don't know spelled my name wrongly from Crystal to Krystle). I was touched for a second because I knew that they took a very long time and also put a lot of effort on this album. They have also bought me a piece of crepe cake (i'm not sure with the name) and I didn't want them to sing Happy Birthday, because I was too shy haha... Then during lunch, Jelene decided to memalukan me by sharing the photos I took during high school in my college group (well actually I wasn't embarrassed of my past haha, but my friend thought it was haha because of the way I acted and looked). After that, as usual, we took a few group photos.

Later that afternoon, I came back home with a gift on my bed. It was from my parents. I was surprised of course because I didn't expect them to buy another gift for me. (I already got what I wanted for my birthday)  It was a sleeveless shirt that I wanted but I didn't buy. My mum knew I wanted so she went 1u right after her work and bought it. They weren't at home when i was home, and when they were home with my brother and sister, my brother and sister each came back with a rose haha.. 

In the evening, my mum asked me to send my brother back from tuition. and so i did and i took the wrong way to his tuition centre because the traffic was hell. Then, when we got back home, my mum bought Mcds and then I took a few fries and stuff them into my mouth. Just when I was about to stuff another one into my mouth, someone came out from the kitchen, singing birthday song. I was literally stoned for a while.. It was Yan Lin, Jia Sheng, and Juo Yen! Yan Lin was holding a cake and they all sang another round of birthday song. I really never expect them to come to my house and surprise me, not to mention with the help of my whole family. After that, Jia Yong and her brother and another friend of his came. 

Jia Sheng asked me to open this envelope and I opened it; it was printed Polaroid photos of us since high school and I've always wanted them for centuries! Thanks guys! 

I even bought a board for myself a few months ago and wanted to DIY myself haha and now they have gifted me these Polaroid photos, I can finally put them on my board! 

Unfortunately, they can only be there for less than half an hour, so we used that time to take pictures of course, to capture the moments that are soon to be historical when we are older. 


I'm truly grateful for everything that my family and friends have done for me. Maybe that sounds ordinary for you, but it wasn't for me. It was the best birthday I have ever had. 

Thanks for the memories :'D

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye! I'll miss you!

*this is not a suicidal post

hey 2011, i just want to say,
should all acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to minddd!!!~~

i really dont know how to start but the year 2011 has come to an end and i have no regrets on anything..
i have my friends and family to spend time with, and i am satisfied with that.
memories that i had this year will never be forgotten and will last forever and ever..
i've done something i've never did before, i've been to places that i've never been to, and i've eaten food that i haven't tried it before.

My first time:
-getting involved in a class drama
-to pulau perhentian
-to penang hills
-carrying a freakishly big  and long yellow snake around my neck (that was so freaking scary)
-HAD the best char kuey teow in PENANG!
-joining one of the biggest event of the year- CITRAWARNA 2011
-watching 4D in USS of course
-riding roller coasters without being forced :s
-had the best steamboat  that i've ever tasted
-went to yan lin's house for swimming
-went christmas shopping with them girls

of course there's more first time i had this year..
but unfortunately i forgot..

as for my resolutions of the year 2012, it will be:
-study hard to conquer SPM
-learn how to drive a car
-help my mum to do more chores
-try to think of a stupid career for my future
-make new friends?
-drink lots of water
-eat more healthy food
-shit more

to tell you the truth, this was the best year of my life.
i get to spend time with my friends and family.
we laugh when we find something funny,
we cry together when we are devastated, disappointed, sad, stressed out.
we study together in pwtc for the first time and we were worried of our results because of citrawarna..
we fight together, quarrel together, cry together..
we did everything together.
AND we will do the same things together forever and ever.
and when we're older and have kids, we shall have a gathering once a month with our kids :')
and well, to me, when i want to recall my memories,
i have facebook.. facebook reminds me of everything i've been through.
so whenever i look through the pictures, memories flooded my mind.
it was like what they say, pictures bring back memories..


i hope 2012 will be a good year for all of us

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tetris Fevahh!

 i know it isn't good for you guys lah.. 



Friday, December 2, 2011



Friday, November 18, 2011


 Glee's cool

 Blaine's hot :9

Monday, November 14, 2011

So tell me what you want, what you really really want.. GLEE SEASON 3!!

YAY FINALLY.. GLEE SEASON 3 IS OUT.. (slow a bit hehehh)
here's the LINK! to the glee episodes..

i just don't understand why ppl have to complain so much..
when it doesn't rain, complain..
when it rains, complain again..
you ppl should learn to appreciate more and stop complaining..
and not posting up on fb saying that you hate rain cause it interrupts you..

oh and school has ended a few days ago..
i've been slacking ever since the first day of holiday..
except for last sunday..
i went to the walkathon with the disabled with my grandma in dataran merdeka..
guess who i saw?
boon lye and the two pendidkan khas twins..
and boon lye was in the hearing impact category and got third place..
cheater.. hhaha..
oh i also saw a local star from the pansonic advertisement..
he took part also..
when it says walkathon, it is literally a walkathon for us.
my grandma and i really walked throughout the race and realised that we were the last..
we didn't complete the race cause my grandma was too tired..
so we ended up in the ambulance without completing the race..
the ambulance helped us complete the race.. heheh..

Saturday, November 5, 2011


when you play with your mom's friend's baby once in awhile
"you're so cute! come here! i wanna play with you!"

when you help her to babysit the baby for one night
"oh my god, you're so annoying! why can't you just go to sleep?"
"oh shit, you puked on my pillow and my bed, more work for me to do.. yay.."